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An on-goin master vision on new, alternative ways of living in a cultural landscape. A living lab preparing for an alternative future.


Haugesund, Norway


Sverre Sondresen (APP)
Eva Kun (DAV)


Elisabeth Brandtzæg

Elisabeth Brandtzæg

+47 95928428

Instagram: elisabrandtz

My project is a master vision for Vibrandsøy. The masterplan includes activating the island and create a community, similar to how it was a hundred years ago. My project will result in a society that offers an alternative way of living than in the city. The idea of this island becoming a «showcase» and inspiration for greener living is central, especially given the placement along and in proximity to the city.

This will be a society where people can live more simple - in micro houses - as long as they contribute to the community by working there. In other words, the community will be circular in two aspects; it is run by itself - partly self-sufficient with food (vegetables from the cropland) and electricity, and also the people living there circulates, as people live at Vibrandsøy as long as they have work on the island.