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Excavated sequences of rock, daylight, forest and water


Bergen, Norway


Cristian Ştefănescu (APP)
Christof Mayer (DAV)


Jim Hoddevik

Jim Hoddevik

+47 95905762

A partly hidden crematorium with religious neutral ceremony spaces in Bergen.

When asked only half of the Norwegian population claims belonging to any kind of religious belief. This opens a discussion on the current offers of ceremony spaces for funerals in Bergen which is mainly Christian churches and chapels. Could ceremonial spaces be perceived in a broader context beyond religious beliefs without completely losing the notion of being sacral? The sensual world of rituals and its meaning in our culture should not be underestimated. Perceiving the final farewell is a direct and physical experience.

The project is sculptured into the rock integrating the eternalness of stone and immaterial components of light, water and sound casting its sparkle and echoes on the masses of stone. An appreciation to the value of natural elements as architectural expression and a common impression of nature itself as a mediator in addressing the notion of sacredness across beliefs and non-beliefs. Within the interior space’s openings are providing light and gaze upon the sky, treetop canopies or water mirrors reflecting them all.