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A common ground for the communities of Askøy


Askøy, Norway


Cristian Ştefănescu (APP)
Marco Casagrande (DAV)


Stein-Atle Juvik

Stein-Atle Juvik

+47 91684649

The site is located within the pier and seafront area in Kleppestø on Askøy, an island on the western coast of Norway. In the current land use plan the site is set aside for a public building with cultural functions and a square with limited access for motorized vehicles. In a larger context there is planned a center development for Kleppestø as a regional center.

Structures on the island for community purposes were built by local initiative. Many of these are small, in need of maintenance, and technical upgrade towards todays standard. There are no offers for recreational activities for youths not involved in organized after-school activities on Askøy.

To create new spaces available for the public where people can meet, recreate, socialize and interact. The intervention aims to contribute towards the vision of shaping the pier area in Kleppestø into an attractive, active and environmentally friendly center area for the whole of Askøy.

Taking advantage of the sites close proximity to the main traffic junction on the island, making it easily accessible for the whole island. During daytime, activities in the public condenser will be targeted towards the elderly. After school hours the public condenser will be dedicated to the younger population. Where they can join with scheduled activities in one of workshops, or just hang out with friends.

For the overall public square area I envision a place that can be used for outdoor markets and public events. A canopy that will provide a sheltered area for all the outdoor activities, in a town where it rains 200 days of the year.